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Agromet Weather Station
Environmental sensors are used to measure factors affecting the micro-climate.

African Centre for Crop Improvement 
The African Centre for Crop Improvement (ACCI), addresses the need for quality agricultural scientists trained in Africa to work on African crops; the need to keep these scientists in Africa; and the need to be able to develop new varieties for each crop adapted to the continent’s diversity of agroecologies.

African Centre for Food Security 
Aware of the growing food security crisis in Africa, the School of Agricultural Sciences and Agribusiness established the African Centre for Food Security (ACFS) in 2006 to contribute to building and sustaining the critical mass of African expertise required to alleviate hunger on the continent.

Agricultural Policy Research Unit
The Agricultural Policy Research Unit (APRU) engages in applied research to produce highly relevant, evidence-based discussion documents that constructively contribute to the debate on agricultural policy in South Africa.

Centre for Water Resources Research
The Centre for Water Resources Research was formed in 2012 out of a cohesive group of academics who have been active in research, teaching and capacity building related to hydrology and water resources research since 1984. The on-going importance and relevance of water resources related research and teaching and the sustained research output of the group provides the basis to formally establish a Centre of Excellence within the University.

Farmers Support Group
Farmer Support Group (FSG) is a research, community development and outreach unit within the school. FSG places emphasis on addressing the needs of resource-poor farmers, other land users and development practitioners in sustainable agriculture, food security, natural resource management, institutional development and entrepreneurship.

Plant Breeding MSc Program for Africa
UKZN proposes to train 30 postgraduate students at MSc degree level to advance the uptake of improved varieties using: a new curricula, a different approach to training, emphasising modern breeding and data management technologies, and a 6-month internship to increase genetic gains and practical exposure of postgraduate students to the seed sector, respectively.