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MSc Project Africa's Research Partners

Plant breeding is a well recognized science capable of widening the genetic and adaptability base of cropping systems, by combining conventional selection techniques and modern technologies. It requires long term commitment and resources at national, regional and international levels that are essential for the development of improved cultivars with increased yields, improved quality and better adaptation to the changing environmental conditions. 

Projects like the MSc Plant Breeding project can not exist without partnerships and sponsors.  This ensures that students have proper facilities, equipment, transportation, lectures etc. so students have the opportunity to focus on their learning. The School of Agriculture, Earth and Environmental Sciences (SAEES) at UKZN are grateful to have these sponsors with whom they’ve established long term relations to create e.g. better farming techniques and boost farming in Africa in general.

Mutually beneficial public-private partnerships, as an integral part of crop improvement, are critically important for pre-breeding. Such partner ships enhance the adaptive capacities of cropping systems to climate change, and respond to the need for increasing productivity, in order to feeding an increasing global population.

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