School of Agricultural, Earth and Environmental Sciences

BSc graduate, Ms Phumelele Mbongwe.

Inspired to be Great

‘Getting a Bachelor’s degree was a rat race,’ said Ms Phumelele Mbongwe on receiving her BSc majoring in Geography.

The daughter of Humanities staff member Mr Themba Mbongwe, she relied on the support of her family throughout her studies.

Mbongwe said she learnt a lot about herself, her subject and time management during her academic journey. Prioritising her time well, developing positive habits and focusing on her goals became her main objectives.

Minor setbacks led to Mbongwe completing her studies a little later than she had planned. ‘I am proud of my accomplishments despite my setbacks and I believe that the knowledge I gained will give me a significant competitive advantage in today’s job market,’ she said.

Mbongwe enjoyed the dedication of her lecturers and the passion they imparted to their students. ‘In addition to teaching, UKZN also aims to foster enthusiasm, growth and innovation.’

She enjoys playing video games in which she finds solace when feeling down. ‘Having friends around and spending time with relatives helps me unwind if I am feeling out of sorts,’ she said. Besides talking to people, she enjoys a good read in her spare time.

‘The support I received from my parents throughout this journey is unmatched,’ said Mbongwe. ‘Despite the impediments, they never lost hope and always believed in my capabilities.’

Words: Cindy Chamane

Photograph: Supplied