School of Agricultural, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Members of the Hydrators Club during their World Water Day event on the Pietermaritzburg Campus.

Hydrators Student Club Commemorates World Water Day with Campus Event

As part of the Centre for Water Resources Research’s (CWRR) quest to spread knowledge on water-related matters in the realm of the challenges faced by global change, the Centre’s postgraduate students hosted an initiative on the Pietermaritzburg campus on 20 March to promote the themes and messages of World Water Day.

Known as the Hydrators Club, the group of students facilitated fun and lively activities to expose undergraduate and postgraduate students that passed by to ideas around the importance of water resources and how to use these efficiently.

The group hosted practical demonstrations, quizzes, and listening skill tasks hoping to improve participants’ general knowledge of water-related issues and inspire action in combating threats to water and sanitation. Prizes were awarded to students who performed the best as a token of appreciation for their engagement in activities aimed at promoting water conservation efforts.

The CWRR is a nationally recognised centre of excellence for cutting-edge applied and interdisciplinary research and postgraduate training in water resources research and capacity building. Established in 2012, it was constituted by a group of academics who have been actively engaged in research, education, and skills development in hydrology and water resources research since 1984 and brought together the University’s wide range expertise in water-related matters.

The Centre works to advance UKZN’s vision of becoming the leading university for African scholarship by consistently producing significant and applicable research and teaching on water resources.

World Water Day has been celebrated annually since 1993, instituted by the United Nations, with the theme for 2024 focusing on ‘Leveraging Water for Peace’ and highlighting the crucial role water plays in creating the stability and prosperity of the world.

‘At the CWRR, we strongly believe in working together and undertaking research to ensure that water can be seen as a stabilising force and researching its role for sustainable development,’ said a statement from the Centre.