School of Agricultural, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Dr Louis Titshall

Honorary Research Fellow

Dr Louis Titshall started his studies in rangeland ecology but developed an interests in environmental Soil Science, obtaining his PhD in 2008. He has since migrated into agricultural soil Science. He is presently a Senior Soil Scientist at the South African Sugarcane Research Institute and undertakes research into sugarcane crop nutrition and soil fertility and health, with an emphasis on sustainable agricultural practices and knowledge exchge with growers. Prior to joining SASRI, he worked in forestry, undertaking site sustainability research. He has also lectured soil physics, fertility and chemistry at UKZN as a lecturer. He has held an Honorary Research position with UKZN since 2010. 

Research interests

  • Soil fertility 
  • Crop nutrition 
  • Soil health 
  • Rapid diagnostics (infrared spectroscopy) 
  • Waste disposal and land rehabilitation 

Research profiles