School of Agricultural, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Prof Ignatius Nsahlai


He joined the University of Natal in July, 1996. As a senior lecturer in Animal Science, he lectures feeds and feeding, digestive physiology and ruminant nutrition. His research interest remains largely unchanged but is now oriented towards modeling the availability of nutrients in feedstuffs to ruminant livestock. Currently, Ignatius has 84 peer-reviewed journal articles and 56 in proceedings in his credit. 


Dr Nsahlai is also investigating : the influence of tannin compounds on the infestation of grazing sheep by gastro-intestinal parasites; the influence of roughage quality on the rate of breakdown of long to fine particle, rumen digesta load and passage rate in sheep; and the characterization of the low resource livestock production system.   

Research interests

  • Rumen metabolism
  • Feed evaluation
  • Modeling intake and digestibility
  • Livestock implication in Food security. 

Research profiles