School of Agricultural, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Dr Donovan Charles Kotze

Honorary Research Fellow

The focus of Dr Kotze’s professional work has been on wetland ecology, the sustainable use of wetland systems and the development and application of methods for assessing wetland ecological condition and ecosystem services.  He has worked in a great variety of wetlands under many different land-uses.  He works mainly in South Africa, as well as working widely across eastern and southern Africa.  He is especially interested in wetlands within an agricultural context, and collaborates with many different government and non-government organizations involved with wetlands.   

Research interests

  • Wetland management 
  • Wetlands and agriculture, especially small-holder cultivation 
  • Sustainable utilization of wetland resources 
  • Wetland ecology (particularly relating to hydric vascular plants)   
  • Wetland plant utilization (particularly those plants used for woven crafts) 
  • Wetland rehabilitation prioritisation and planning and monitoring and evaluation 
  • Wetland ecological health assessment 
  • Wetland ecosystem services assessment 

Research profiles