Sagie Narsiah

Prof Sagie Narsiah Professor 0312601048 PhD Geography Howard Campus Prof. Narsiah is a geographer by training. His key interest is in the geography of development, focusing on the impact of development policy at various geographical scales and the resistance of communities to neoliberal state interventions. He does this using the lens of water and

Lelethu Mdoda

Dr Lelethu Mdoda Senior Lecturer and Researcher 033 260 5410 Certificate in Project Management, Registered Professional Natural Scientist, PhD (Agricultural Economics), MSc (Agricultural Economics), BSc (Agricultural Economics) Agricultural Economics Pietermaritzburg Campus Dr Lelethu Mdoda is a Senior Lecturer and Researcher in the Discipline of Agricultural Economics at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, PMB Campus. He

Raesetse Baloyi

Ms Raesetse Baloyi Lecturer and Researcher 033 260 5494 Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Senior & FET phases), MSc Agriculture (Agricultural Economics), BSc Agriculture (Agricultural Economics) Agricultural Economics Pietermaritzburg Campus Ms. Raesetse Baloyi is appointed as a Lecturer under the New Generation of Academics Programme (nGAP) in the Discipline of Agricultural Economics, starting from January

Ntombifuthi Nzimande

Dr Ntombifuthi Nzimande Lecturer 031 260 3838 MSc (Environmental Science), BScHons (Geography and Environmental Management), BSc (Geography and Environmental Management) Geography Howard College Dr Ntombifuthi Nzimande holds a Ph.D. in geosciences from the University of Szeged (Hungary). She has recently joined the geography department in Howard as a geography lecturer where she teaches human

Zamalotshwa Thungo

Dr Zamalotshwa Thungo Lecturer 033 260 5440 PhD (Crop Science/Plant Breeding), MSc Agriculture (Crop Science), BSc Agriculture (Agribusiness, Crop Science) Plant Breeding Pietermaritzburg Campus Dr Zamalotshwa Thungo is a Plant Breeder with background involvement in wheat improvement to enhance environmental stress tolerance, and grain yield and nutritional quality in crops such as wheat and

Nokwazi Mbili

Dr Nokwazi Carol Mbili Lecturer 033 260 6396 PhD (Plant Pathology), MSc (Plant Pathology), BScHons (Plant Pathology), BSc (Microbiology and Plant Pathology) Plant Pathology Pietermaritzburg Campus Dr Mbili is a Plant Pathologist with PhD in Plant Pathology. Her research expertise is on Postharvest Pathology and Preharvest Disease Management of plants. Current research interests include non-chemical postharvest treatments such as biological

Suveshnee Munien

Dr Suveshnee Munien Lecturer 031 260 7653 PhD Geography Westville Campus Dr Suveshnee Munien has been exposed to various aspects of human and physical geography throughout her academic career. Her research interests are influenced by the study of people and their interactions, impacts, and uses of the natural environment. This motivated her appreciation for

Amanda Gumede

Dr Amanda Gumede Lecturer 031 260 7935 PhD (Geography and Environmental Science), MSc (Environmental Science, Cum Laude), BScHons (Environmental Science), BSc (Environmental and Life Sciences) Geography Howard College Dr Amanda Naledi Gumede is a lecturer in the Geography department. She holds a PhD in Geography and Environmental Science. Amanda has been involved in several

Siphesihle Ndlovu

Siphesihle Ndlovu nGAP-Lecturer 031 260 7733 MSc (Geology), BScHons (Geology), BSc (Geological Sciences) Geological Sciences Westville Campus Siphesihle Joined UKZN in June 2022 as part of the New Generation of Academics Programme (nGAP), a prestigious programme under the Department of Higher Education and Training that recruits young, talented and highly capable scholars as new

Sibonakaliso Nhlabathi

Dr Sibonakaliso Nhlabathi Lecturer 033 260 5345 PhD, Masters GIS, MBA, Masters Housing, BA Hons Geography Geography Pietermaritzburg Campus Dr Nhlabathi possesses considerable proficiency in Urban Studies, Urban Geography, and, in Sustainable Cities research. He holds an MBA, Masters Housing, Masters in GIS, and a PhD in Geography. In particular he is fascinated by