Nokwazi Mbili

Dr Nokwazi Carol Mbili Lecturer 033 260 6396 PhD (Plant Pathology), MSc (Plant Pathology), BScHons (Plant Pathology), BSc (Microbiology and Plant Pathology) Plant Pathology Pietermaritzburg Campus Dr Mbili is a Plant Pathologist with PhD in Plant Pathology. Her research expertise is on Postharvest Pathology and Preharvest Disease Management of plants. Current research interests include non-chemical postharvest treatments such as biological

Kwasi Yobo

Dr Kwasi Sackey Yobo Senior Lecturer 033 260 5822 PhD (Plant Pathology), MSc, BScHons Plant Pathology Pietermaritzburg Campus Dr Yobo is a Plant Pathologist and has over 15 years of research experience in the Biological control of fungal and bacterial diseases. Part of his research also focuses on the integrated management of mycotoxins and

Augustine Gubba

Prof Augustine Gubba Associate Professor 033 260 5795 PhD (Plant Pathology), MSc (Applied Plant Science), BScHons (Crop Science) Plant Pathology Pietermaritzburg Campus Prof Gubba holds a PhD in Plant Pathology specializing in plant virology. He has extensive experience in agricultural extension and research. Currently he leads the plant virology research group at UKZN. His main

Mark Laing

Prof Mark Laing Professor 033 260 5524 PhD, BScHons, BSc Plant Pathology Pietermaritzburg Campus Prof Mark Liang started lecturing in Plant Pathology in 1984, became the Professor and Chair of Plant Pathology in 2000, and became a Senior Professor in 2006. He will retire at the end of 2022 but has been appointed a