Vivek Naiken

mr Vivek Naiken Senior Technician 033 260 6196 BSc :- Geography and Hydrology, BSc Honors :- Geographical Science Agrometeorology and Hydrology Pietermaritzburg campus Mr Naiken is the senior technician for Agrometeorology and Hydrology. He has over 20 years’ experience as an Environmental research technician specializing in control and monitoring systems.   Research interests Field base Agrometeorology and Hydrology   Environmental monitoring  

Mark Horan

Mr Mark Horan Hydrology Lecturer 033 260 5918 BScHons (Hydrology) Hydrology Pietermaritzburg Campus Mr Horan has expertise in Hydrological Modelling and Geographical Information Systems. He is passionate about the education of South African youth in the areas of water and the environment. Research interests Research and investigation towards completion of MSc.Title”Investigation of the catenal

Simphiwe Ngcobo

Mr Simphiwe Ngcobo Hydrology Lecturer and PhD Candidate 033 260 5174 MSc (Hydrology), BScHons (Hydrology), BSc (Hydrology and Soil Science) Hydrology Pietermaritzburg Campus Mr Simphiwe Ngcobo is currently a Hydrology Lecturer at the Centre for Water Resources at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. His research interests include understanding the dynamics between anthropogenic global change (land

Roland Schulze

Prof Roland Schulze Professor Emeritus of Hydrology 033 260 5913 MAcScSAf, FRSSAf, PhD, MSc, Hydrology Pietermaritzburg Campus Roland Schulze is a retired Professor of Hydrology at UKZN and now a Senior Research Associate and mentor / consultant to Government and the SA and international water and agricultural industries. Originally a hydrological model developer, his main focus nowadays is on

Richard Kunz

Mr Richard Kunz Research Fellow 033 260 6499 MSc (Hydrology), BScHons( Hydrology), BSc (Hydrology) Hydrology Pietermaritzburg Campus Richard Kunz has an MSc in Hydrology and is working on his PhD (part time) in the Centre for Water Resources Research at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg. His main research involves estimating the water use and

Tinisha Chetty

Ms Kershani Tinisha Chetty Lecturer 033 260 6027 MSc (Hydrology), BScHons (Hydrology), BSc (Chemistry & Hydrology) Hydrology Pietermaritzburg Campus Ms Chetty has been employed at UKZN for fifteen years, of which the last nine years have been in the position of a full time lecturer in Hydrology at the School of Agriculture, Earth and

 Seifu Kebede Gurmessa

Prof Seifu Kebede Gurmessa Associate Professor 033 260 6087 PhD (Hydrogeology), MSc (Hydrogeology), BSc (Geology and Geophysics) Hydrology Pietermaritzburg Campus Professor Seifu Kebede Gurmessa obtained PhD from the University of Avignon, France in 2005. He served Addis Ababa University and many other international organizations before joining the University of KwaZulu Natal in 2019.  He authors more than 60 peer reviewed