Emmanuel Carranza

Prof. Emmanuel John Muico Carranza Professor 031 260 2803 carranzae@ukzn.ac.za PhD (GIS-Based Mineral Potential Mapping) Delft University of Technology Geological Sciences Westville Campus Prof John Carranza is BSc in geology (Philippines), MSc (with distinction) in mineral exploration (Netherlands), and PhD in GIS-based mineral potential mapping (Netherlands). His professional mission is to develop and disseminate expertise/knowledge

Warwick William

Dr. Warwick William Hastie Senior Lecturer 031 260 2519 HastieW@ukzn.ac.za BSc. (Hons), MSc, PhD Geological Sciences Westville Campus Dr. Hastie teaches rock mechanics, rock engineering and an introductory course in mining. He holds a PhD in structural geology from UKZN, and is a member of the Geological Society of South Africa (GSSA).  He has received three

Lauren Hoyer

Dr. Lauren Hoyer Professor & Academic Leader 031 260 6313 hoyerl@ukzn.ac.za PhD Geological Sciences, BSc Hons Geological Sciences, BSc Geological Sciences Geological Sciences Westville Campus Dr Hoyer pursued geology because of her desire to understand how the world worked. She feels privileged that she discovered the perfect science for her passions and is constantly learning

Tesfaye Birke

Prof. Tesfaye Kidane Birke Professor & Academic Leader 031 260 8781 birket@ukzn.ac.za B.Sc. (4 Years) – in Geology, M.Sc. – in Structural Geology, PhD – Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, France Geological Sciences Westville Campus Tesfaye Kidane is currently a full professor and academic leader, geological sciences, school of AEES. He holds B.Sc., M.Sc.

Philani Mavimbela

Mr. Philani Knowledge Mavimbela Lecturer 031 260 7081 Mavimbelap@ukzn.ac.za Msc (UP), PhD candidate (UKZN) Geological Sciences Westville Campus Philani Mavimbela is a lecturer in the school of agriculture, earth and environmental Studies Research interests Contact metamorphism Magmatic and metamorphic rocks records of tectonic plate processes Understanding metamorphic processes and rate of metamorphism (Mineral Thermodynamic modelling

Saumitra Misra

Dr. Saumitra Kumar Misra Lecturer 031 260 2800 misras@ukzn.ac.za PhD (Geology) Geological Sciences Westville Campus I did my Ph.D. on anorogenic granitoid geochemistry from Presidency College, Kolkata, India, in 1993. After completion of my formal degree, I had a long history of post-doctoral research (1994-2009) in various Institutes in India and sometimes in abroad. During my long post-doctoral research,

Andrew Green

Prof. Andrew Green Senior Lecturer 031 260 7924 Greena1@ukzn.ac.za PhD (UKZN) Geological Sciences Westville Campus Ever since my introduction to the ocean at the age of five, I have made it my life’s quest to spend as much time as possible in and around it. It was a natural choice to pursue a career in

Palesa Leuta-Madondo

MS. Palesa Leuta-Madondo Developmental Lecturer (AADP) 031 260 2517 Leutap@ukzn.ac.za MSc Geology Westville Campus Palesa Leuta-Madondo is a lecture in the school of agriculture, earth and environmental studies. Research interests Petrology, mineralogy and geochemistry of granitoids and related rocks

Nonkululeko Dladla

Ms. Nonkululeko Dladla Developmental Lecturer 031 260 2801 Dladlan2@ukzn.ac.za MSc Geology, BSc (hons) Geological Sciences, BSc Geological Sciences Geology Westville Campus I joined the University, as an undergraduate student, in 2008. I completed my BSc in Geological Sciences in 2010 and started doing honours in 2011. By the time I had finished honours, I had

Fathima Ahmed

Dr. Fathima Ahmed Senior Lecturer 031 260 3523 ahmedf1@ukzn.ac.za BA (UDW), HBA (UKZN), MA (UKZN), PHD (UKZN) Environmental Sciences Westville campus Dr. Fathima Ahmed is a lecturer in the school of agriculture, earth and environmental studies. Research interests Environmental Management & Policy Coastal Zone Management Environmental Conflicts Tourism Gender and Livelihoods Research profiles Google Scholar