Mariana Ciacciariello

Dr Mariana Ciacciariello Lecturer 033 260 5479 PhD (Poultry Nutrition), MSc Agric Animal and Poultry Scrience Pietermaritzburg Campus 2000-2001 Master of Science in Agriculture (converted into a PhD Project).Department of Animal & Poultry Science. University of Natal. Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. Thesis: ‘Effects of feed restriction and lighting programmes during the rearing and early laying

Zikhona Rani

Dr Rani Zikhona Theodora Lecturer 033 260 5478 RaniZ@ PhD Agric (Animal Science), MSc Agric (Animal Science), BScHons, BSc Agric (Animal Production) Animal & Poultry Science Pietermaritzburg Campus Dr Rani is from East London in the Eastern Cape where she completed her studies in Bachelor of Science (Agriculture- Animal Science) through to a PhD in Animal Science at

Nicola Tyler

Dr Nicola Tyler Lecturer 033 260 5475 Phd (Animal Science), MSc Agric, BSc Agric Animal and Poultry Science Pietermaritzburg Campus Dr Nicola Tyler is Zimbabwean by birth. Growing up in an environment where there was always an opportunity to be outdoors stimulated her interest in animals from an early age. She completed a BSc

Ignatius Nsahlai

Prof Ignatius Nsahlai Professor 033 260 5473 PhD Animal & Poultry Science Pietermaritzburg Campus He joined the University of Natal in July, 1996. As a senior lecturer in Animal Science, he lectures feeds and feeding, digestive physiology and ruminant nutrition. His research interest remains largely unchanged but is now oriented towards modeling the availability

Michael Chimonyo

Dr Michael Chimonyo Professor 033 260 5477 PhD (Animal Breeding), MSc (Animal Science),PGDip (Higher Education and Training), BSc Agriculture (Honours) Animal and Poultry Science Pietermaritzburg Campus Prof Michael Chimonyo is a B-rated researcher (internationally recognized) and has supervised over 50 postgraduate students in a 20-year academic career. He is a sub-editor of the journal Tropical Animal