School of Agricultural, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Dr Alistair David Clulow

Senior Lecturer

Dr Clulow thrives on the diverse nature of Agrometeorology with links to the disciplines of Hydrology, Soil Science, Horticulture, Forestry, Crop Science and Grassland Science. The C2 NRF rating is an indication of his research starting to have international recognition. He lectures undergraduate students and thoroughly enjoys supervising his numerous MSc and PhD students. He is involved in a number of projects with a focus on crop water use studies. 

Research interests

  • Real-time weather and environmental monitoring systems and data collection 
  • Surface radiation and energy balance measurement 
  • Water vapour and carbon dioxide flux measurement including soil respiration 
  • Sap flow measurement 
  • Catchment water-balance monitoring and land-use change 
  • Lightning detection 
  • Adverse weather and warning systems 

Research profiles