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Find out about Crop Science at UKZN

Crop Science deals with the selection, breeding, and management of crops and domestic animals for more economical production.

Watch as we take you through our programmes and facilities, and discuss career paths.

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Discover Horticultural Science at UKZN

Horticulture is the science and art of producing, improving, marketing, and using fruits, vegetables, flowers, and ornamental plants.

It differs from botany and other plant sciences in that horticulture incorporates both science and aesthetics.

>> Horticultural Science website
Explore Plant Breeding at UKZN

Plant breeding uses principles from a variety of sciences to improve the genetic potential of plants.

The process involves combining parental plants to obtain the next generation with the best characteristics.

>> Plant Breeding website

Learn about Plant Pathology at UKZN

Plant Pathology is the study of the organisms and environmental conditions that cause disease in plants.

Plant Pathologists are concerned with the understanding of the dynamic processes involved in the plant health.

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 Event videos
ACCI book launch

Professor Mark Laing from the African Centre for Crop Improvement (ACCI), launched his book at ceremony in Pietermaritzburg. 

Entitled The New Breed, the book documents Professor Laing's experiences as plant breeder trainer for the last 15 years. It's filled with stories about food crops in Africa and outlines why we need to support their farming.

Discover Evolutionary Biology at UKZN
Evolutionary biology is the subfield of biology that studies the evolutionary processes that produced the diversity of life on Earth, starting from a single origin of life.
Discover the field of Evolutionary Biology, it’s career paths and our programmes with UKZN lecturers and students.

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