Seed Science Class take Lessons from Industry

The 2016 class of Advanced Seed Science and Technology took their practical lessons to ProSeed and Advance Seed on Thursday the 29th of September. The module is taken by 4th year and Honours students to learn about the biology, biotechnology and regulations related to seed science. Students are required to have a good background in plant science and they learn about the theory and practice of seed science.


Prof Modi (Centre) with his students

Professor Rob Melis, director of ProSeed who is also a plant breeder, shared with them some knowledge about plant breeding, seed production and seed treatment. The students also went to Advance Seed where Mr Simon Hodgson, who is the manager of the company, expanded on seed certification, marketing and the importance of the seed industry in food security. Both Prof Melis and Mr Hodgson are UKZN alumni.


Mr Simon Hodgson addressing the students

During the visit, the students were exposed to the phytosanitary regulations that govern seed production, certification and marketing. They learned about the role of the South African National Seed Organisation (SANSOR) and other international seed organisations. Many students were excited about the visit and expressed their interest in working for the seed industry and even starting their own seed companies in future.



Prof Rob Melis with students


Professor Albert Modi thanked the two seed companies and indicated to the students that there will be some exam questions based on the field trip during the next test and final exam. He said that it is always a pleasure to relate what is taught in the classroom to the practical realities of the industry.

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