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  2016 Hottest Year Globally, Drought Continues






Prof Albert Modi Reconnects with Former Student


 Greg was taught by Prof Modi in undergraduate studies 15 years ago, went on to work at Pannar, and then started his own business in agri-supply. He is based in Kokstad; he also advises commercial farmers on pasture production as an independent consultant. Prof Modi bumped into him while purchasing field trial research material at Victoria Packaging in Pietermaritzburg.




 Dr Maxwell Mudhara and Colleagues Publishes New Book

The book, capturing lessons learned from their projects and titled Community Innovations in Sustainable Land Management: Lessons from the field in Africa, was launched on 28 September at the UN Environment headquarters in Nairobi. This book highlights the potential of a new methodology of uncovering and stimulating community initiatives in sustainable land management in Africa.






 Prof Brian Purchase Responds to Prof Albert Modi's Article on Rural Poverty

Your article relating to rural life and agricultural opportunities (Sunday Times and Friends of UKZN Agriculture newsletter) could not go past me without evoking a desire to thank you for your positive input and your contribution to hope for the future.  Read more...

Prof Brian Purchase is an UKZN alumnus and was the Director (CEO) of the Sugar Milling Research Institute in Durban from 1988 to 2003


 Prof Albert Modi's Article, "Rural does not have to equal poor", Published in the Sunday Times Newspaper

FOR the past two decades or so, I have witnessed what I believe is a deterioration in the quality of life of rural people in South Africa. I observed this particularly in the Eastern Cape, where I was born and bred, and KwaZulu-Natal, where I was later "bred" through tertiary education and very close interaction with rural communities. Read more...


Article "Sunday Times" 25 September 2016

 Seed Science Class take Lessons from Industry

The 2016 class of Advanced Seed Science and Technology took their practical lessons to ProSeed and Advance Seed on Thursday the 29th of September. The module is taken by 4th year and Honours students to learn about the biology, biotechnology and regulations related to seed science. Students are required to have a good background in plant science and they learn about the theory and practice of seed science. Read more...


Prof Albert Modi (Centre) and his students


UKZN and Biowatch Hold Round-Table Discussion

 Staff in the School of Agricultural, Earth and Environmental Sciences (SAEES) and Biowatch recently hosted a round-table discussion on the topic of ‘Strategies to support resilient farmer-led seed systems through the conservation and sustainable management of agrobiodiversity’.  Read more...


Anglo-American visits Geological Sciences

A recent visit by Anglo-American to Geological Sciences highlighted the benefits of close cooperation between industry and academia. Mr Zach Masindi and Mr Steven Kalunga of Anglo-American, the former also a committee member of the Mineral and Energy Trust Fund (METF), met with the Dean and Head of School, Professor Albert Modi, and Professors Steve McCourt and Andrew Green of Geological Sciences.

Professor Steve McCourt, Mr Zach Masindi, Professor Albert Modi and Mr Steven Kalunga

The meeting was aimed at addressing industry perceptions surrounding UKZN, and in particular, disciplines that are strongly allied with Anglo-American interests. Both Mr Masindi and Mr Kalunga praised the discipline for their current degree structure and its applicability to industry requirements. It was raised that better linkages to industry could be fostered. The meeting opened new avenues between Anglo-American and UKZN, especially concerning constructive inputs from the industry with regards Geological Science’s undergraduate and postgraduate offerings. This precedes an impending meeting between Geological Sciences and the METF which comprises senior members of the mining industry. This is an annual meeting between senior academics from the country’s Geoscience departments where curricula and research are discussed in order to ensure that industrial ties and standards are maintained.

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